Raised and schooled in Lausanne, I always had an interest for Fine Arts and its related fields, starting from drawing to pottery, filmmaking and writing. In 2016, I received my first reflex camera, and never put it down since!
By taking pictures of family and friends, I discovered a new passion for people; how they move; what their best angles are, what stories they want to tell. That is why my work mainly focuses on portraits and fashion.
However, some people come to me with no general idea for their photoshoot. This is why I always strive to discuss with them beforehand and guide them towards an aesthetic that they are pleased with in order to bring their best features out in a setting they think represents them fully. 
In early 2022, the city of Lausanne gave me the opportunity to cover diverse cultural events within the Church of Saint-François for its 750th anniversary. My journey with them still continues !